Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fighting for Purity

I read a book several weeks ago called Finally Free by Heath Lambert. Now it is the only book I’ve ever read about fighting addictions to pornography, so I can’t compare thoughts to any other books, works, whatever. I thought it was a good book. 

I actually, am taking part in goodreads.com challenge to read a certain number of books this year. It helps you keep track. And I went back and forth several times in my mind of whether or not I was going to add it to the goodreads list. Have the cover, the title, shown. Addiction to pornography isn’t really ‘afternoon conversation,’ rather its secretive and shameful. I did end up putting it on my goodreads list because its in my book. Its honest and all through my book, so it is a little late to care what people know or think about me.

I did think it is a good book. It encouraged me to pray about fighting it. To include God, ask him for help, for grace, for strength. As opposed to just trying on my own. 

Things have been going well. I haven’t looked at porn in quite a while. Actually reading the book, kind of put my focus back on pornography which made it harder to resist. But yeah, things have been going well. I’ve actually gotten into the habit of reading my Bible ever day which I think has helped. I’m closer to Christ so my focus is on the good, the true, the righteous and not on sinfulness of self.

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